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Monday, November 29, 2010

Orgasmic Yoga Sessions 23, 24 and 25

11/26/2010 - Friday - Session 23

I did self erotic massage for my orgasmic yoga this morning. After my heart pleasuring kegel warm up, I used the fleshlight. It was fun, but I decided to switch to laying on my back and self pleasuring. I ran out of time after I had barely begun my erotic massage. All of the following happened after I decided to continue feeling pleasure.

I've found recently that I can take more pleasure by relaxing and breathing consciously. I was able to go further with that then I have in the past. It's hard to explain, but at one point, the sensation reminded me of the beginning of the first ejaculation contraction. The pleasure was amazing. I imagined the energy going up my spine, over my head and down my front. If I used any different strokes, I would ejaculate. Even when I got close and wanted to stop, I would use some tiny motion to stimulate myself just a hair more.

At one point. I got in touch with the love that I was experiencing with myself. The physical pleasure was stimulating a sense of love in my heart. It made me happy and I smiled.

My big draw seemed like an anti-climax compared to the love. I pushed out some semen as the big draw began. I pushed myself a little too far and stimulated my penis a little more and ejaculated. But it felt like there were mini ejaculations in the backdrop of the larger one. I came two more times while I was cumming.

11/27/2010 - Saturday - Session 24

Today, I did forty five minutes of meditation before my orgasmic yoga. My intention was to find a missing cat. I did erotic trance dancing. I wrapped a bandanna around my cock and balls as a cock-ring for a while. I danced with my sarong wrapped around my waist so I could rub my cock against the fabric as I danced. Eventually I put on my purple dress for a while - with my penis hidden behind my thighs. I viewed myself with a simulated vagina. When the dress came off, I put the sarong back on, held in place by nipple clamps. I danced and held that erotic energy until my big draw.

I did the big draw twice since I was distracted during the first and did not clench. The second, I brought myself to the ejaculation before clenching. Afterward, I rested my nose near my armpit. I didn't cool down too much and stimulated myself some more before bringing things to a close.

Doing this work, I've remembered climbing the rope in gym class before I ever learned how to masturbate. I would get these amazing sensations of heat that made me feel flushed as I pulled my crotch up along the rope. I think these were orgasms. The sensations I've been experiencing lately are of the same quality. Now, I'd like to learn to experience these sensations again.

11/28/2010 - Sunday - Session 25

Orgasmic yoga today was erotic self massage. My intention was thanksgiving since the missing cat returned. I used rose scented oil again.

There's not much to report. I'm getting better at accepting more pleasure by focusing on the sensation and not going on autopilot. After the big draw, I lingered longer than I planned and accidentally ejaculated.

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