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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What I Saw

During a recent retreat, we had an assignment to go about the world consciously and make note of the first twelve things we encounter. I posted this to the adult blog because of item eleven. :)

First I saw grass with the seed pod on top - a little brush. Touching it, I caught a web connecting two stalks of grass.

Second, I saw a purple flower - very small - on a bush or tree. Touching it, an ant crawled onto me. I almost blew it off until I chose to let it climb back onto a flower.

Third, I saw a half decayed apple - it smelled sweet and rotting.

Fourth, I noticed the soft dust under the gravel of the drive. It felt wonderful as I dug my toes in.

Fifth, I saw a dragon fly land in the drive. It didn't leave, so I did.

Sixth, I heard the flies in the shade - going who knows where continuously.

Seventh, I heard a rustle overhead and looked up to see a squirrel leaping from branch to branch.

Eighth, I saw three birds glide overhead from one tree to the other. I recognized myself in them.

Then, in a clearing on the drive in the sun overlooking the valley, I pissed down the already golden hillside.

Ninth, I finally took note of the giant redwoods - focusing on one on the way to Julie Andrews Point. I was dwarfed.

Tenth, I saw one of the men’s horses in the pasture. He had been looking for them earlier, but hadn't seen them. Then I saw him watching his horses.

Then I climbed the big tree naked and rested comfortably against the roughness. I massaged the tree with my feet, feeling the soft lichens on the bark, and I smiled. I spit in my hand and gave myself pleasure. The flies came to land on my leg as I worked quietly. I heard the man's horse whinny and the birds in the trees and the bugs and the wind.

Then I saw another who was me. I saw him stroke himself and I felt the pleasure as I mirrored the stroke. I loved seeing him/me pleasuring his/myself. I saw myself in him. I loved the sweetness of his touch on his cock. He deserves the pleasure and it pleases me to see him surrender to it. He's the eleventh self I've seen.

Twelfth, I hear gunshots in the distance and I remember I am a hunter. How can I capture my quarry? But then the hunter captures us and the moment is over. My prey is spooked and has escaped, but I remain - ready to hunt again.