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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

New Objectives

 As within, so without. As always, As above, so below.

There are things happening in the world that trouble me. Maybe the answer is to find peace in meditation. But maybe it also indicates where I need to see better, where I contribute to it, where I need to grow. I need a way to see where I fit.

There are also things in my personal life that ares sticking points for me.

  • Wanting to clean up an simplify so that closing it out won't be difficult when I transition
  • My list of “to do” work

I've been off work for a week and a half, and I haven't moved forward. It's time to wake up. Hindsight is literally 2020.

  • I am worried about
    • climate change
    • social injustice
  • Growing up on Star Trek, I am afraid that
    • our species will fail while destroying the ecosystem of the planet
    • people are not acting rationally
  • We fail each other and penalize our attempts to survive
    • emotionally
    • physically
  • I want to do sex work in peace
  • I want to be man and animal
  • I want physicality and spirituality to co-exist
  • I'm tired of the lack of common sense and self-enrichment