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Saturday, February 6, 2016


So, I'll go back to my passion of living in community with other sacred sex workers, other free men and women. The templates I have are monastery, Easton Mountain, and maybe the Phoenix Temple. I'd like a space to stimulate residents creativity to build community and help heal the world.

The underlying idea is not to withdraw from the world, but to being a source of healing. So here are some ideas:
  • Build a ritual space/temple
  • Build small studios for sessions offered by residents who are Sacred Intimates, massage therapists, and sex workers.
  • Build "tiny houses" with a kitchenette, bathroom, bedroom, and living space for residents.
  • Build a shared kitchen/dining area for residents to share meals
  • Build gang showers, bath facilities
  • Space for farming/gardening.
  • Build a space we can rent to groups like Body Electric, or that we can use to host healing events and gatherings: Cooking, dining, rooms, gathering places...

Everyone joining us needs to pull their weight – cooking meals, cleaning, maintaining the grounds... Everyone serves. Allow for volunteers.

I'm not sure how a community ritual space/dining facility will overlap when outside groups host events. Participants need their own containers. Residents need full access.

I'd like to find a place in central Texas (or some other temperate region with water). It should be near an urban area so that our SI workers can work. It should be close to an urban area that out-of-town visitors can experience the city. It would ideally be convenient to the airport so that out-of-town visitors have easy access.

I don't know if a group buys land first and builds, or if an existing space exists that can be converted.

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