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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Orgasmic Yoga Session

There was something different about yesterday's orgasmic yoga. I wanted to be fully in the present moment, but I didn't feel it.

I began with an intention, "I forget myself today as I surrender to the flow of life." Then as I was masturbating and moving and feeling the energy, I looked over and saw the "I Am" map that I made for the 4T class. I saw a phrase that I had forgot to put on the first version, "I Am free." I began using that phrase, repeating it as I focused on my heart and the physical sensations. In freedom, I tried to touch every part of my body that I could think of. I rubbed oil on my feet and calves and thighs. I kissed my toes. I held myself near ejaculation and told myself to relax and let the energy flow. I touched my anus and crack with my hand and remembered how I used to cause myself deep rectal contractions when I played - years ago. I would push the piss out of myself as I played. I recognized that I was seeking another level of consciousness and began focusing on the present moment, and I didn't feel present.

I acknowledged that I don't usually feel present. I often feel separate from myself. I don't feel real to myself. In my altered state, I was able to admit that I don't feel present. My experience of the world is often being filtered through my thoughts. My head separates me from what feels real - even as I was having sex with myself. My goal is to be awake and present.

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Friday, January 7, 2011

My Orgasmic Yoga Practice

Here are play by play details of past orgasmic yoga sessions.

I have a daily orgasmic yoga practice that lasts between 40 to 60 minutes. If you would like to join me as a participant or an observer, please drop me an email: I live near Burnet and Research. I typically practice at 6:45 AM weekdays, 9 AM on Saturdays and 1 PM Sundays. Click here to see my calendar indicating when I might be available.

Please remove your shoes before entering the temple.

This is the structure of my orgasmic yoga sessions.

    I begin by reading my "personal statement," my mission statement and my vision statement
    Next I'll state an intention
    Then you can say whatever you like as part of your ritual opening
    I'll set a timer for 20 minutes
I'll do about 5 minutes of heart pleasure kegels (see below)
I'll probably do erotic trance dancing and/or self erotic massage (see below)
When the timer goes off, I like to work up to a big draw
After the big draw, we'll take a few minutes to be quiet and reflect
Then we can bring things to a close

Heart Pleasuring:

The masturbator should clench the pelvic floor muscles with each breath, visualizing the heart pulling erotic energy up from the genitals.

Erotic Trance Dancing:

Erotic Trance Dancing involves moving to music as your caress yourself into a highly aroused, erotically embodied state.

Self Erotic Massage:

Orgasmic Yoga meditations involve an enduring state of sexual arousal that is maintained with relatively little stimulation.

The mindful, highly aroused, and easily maintained erotic trance states discussed here are consciously created by touching ourselves, by moving, and by placing our attention on the pulsating interior life of our bodies.

Here your placement of attention is focused on your self-touch, on your breathing, on your movement, and on the feelings of aliveness and pleasure within your body in the present movement.

We recommend constant self-touch. While one hand stimulates the genitals, the other hand caresses, vibrates and kneads other parts of your body. Your placement of attention is both on your feelings of being touched and on the experience of giving touch. Repeating various self-touch strokes ten, twenty or more times allows for your awareness to focus on and savor what is being experienced within.