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Height:   5'10"
Weight:   135 lbs
Waist:   32"
Body Type:   Toned (mostly)
Piercings:   Prince Albert (6 or 8 gauge),
 Guiche (10 gauge),
 Left Nipple (12 gauge - vertical),
 Right Nipple (8 gauge - horizontal),
 Ears (6 gauge),
 Nose Ring - Septum (12 gauge)
Tattoos:   Popeye on Right arm,
 Biohazard above lingam

Services Rex Provides
Erotic Massage: Trust me to satisfy your deepest needs and desires of acceptance
Writing: Blogging, articles, books...
Video: Porn, Erotic Education...
Web Design: Interactive web pages

Mission Statement
I contribute to the survival of life on Earth by giving people permission, by understanding, and by serving.

Vision Statement
I get out of my own way and allow Spirit to move through me, open my heart and embody what my clients need, communicate the dance of the erotic and the spiritual, and create safe spaces for community exploration of erotic desire.

Services Rex will provide in the future
Speaking: The benefits of sex. Sex is good. Sexuality and Spirituality are compatible
Knowledge Organization: Making sense of the world in the age of information overload

Contact info
Rex Harley Unlimited
8760 A Research Blvd #297
Austin, TX 78758
Tel: (512) 373-6516

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