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Saturday, July 9, 2011


I'm bigger than I remember. I think my perception of myself is changing. I am a man. My body smells masculine. I'm an adult male, full sized and attractive.

I am both masculine and feminine. I like my hairy body and my dick that gives me so much pleasure. I like my anus and prostate and love taking others within me. I like being authentically nude. I like the comfort and colors of a dress. I like wearing a kilt and letting my genitals hang freely.

Bubba is pure innocence and authenticity. He is true to his feelings, and expresses himself freely - even if it's considered inappropriate in modern society. Bubba is love. Bubba knows no shame.

I've seen a trend as I explore my orgasmic yoga practice that's related. I've played with infantilism - curling up on my back in a fetal position, sucking my thumb. As I play in the temple, I often feel like a child playing in his playroom. This is my eternal erotic playroom where I am king, where I am Rex.