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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dungeon Gang Bang Fantasy

I am in a dungeon, with my wrists bound behind my back, naked. There's a big muscular hairy man holding me so that I can't get away. He carries me to the center of the room and ties my wrists to a hoist over my head. He cranks a winch on the wall and I'm standing on my toes. He leaves the room for an hour or so. The strain is making me sweat and it drips down my naked body.

After I've lost track of time, he comes back in, but isn't alone. There are 15 or 20 men that file in behind him. They're joking and smoking, making note of my predicament. They seem to appreciate my body, though and my humiliation is turning them on. They take me down and I try to get away, but they are too strong. They completely overpower me and I'm helpless as they bend me over some contraption that puts my butt up in the air and stretches my arms out in front of me. It leaves an area in front of my face free to suck cock while I can be fucked from behind and my hard dripping cock hangs free.

Then I'm gang banged for hours. They rotate between my mouth and my ass. Each cums in my ass and then walks around so that I can clean their cum soaked cocks with my mouth. They also cum in my mouth. They take turns with my ass and mouth and my ass is dripping cum and my belly is full of cum.

As things wind down, they decide I need to be cleaned up. A few men give me piss enemas to clean out the cum. Others piss over the rest of my body to rinse off the sweat and cum. I'm untied and lead to a bed covered in rubber. They tell me it's OK to cum. I begin to masturbate with all the body fluids that cover my body. They help me out by spitting on me and my cock and in my face. They add some more piss. They encourage me and tell me how good I've been at satisfying all their needs and I shoot. I keep shooting for a full two or three minutes just writhing around on the bed in ecstasy, covered in piss, spit and cum. Many of the men have orgasms again and I feel the warm cum landing on me and I feel so happy that I keep cuming forever.