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Saturday, December 17, 2022

Modern Manifestation of Indigenous Spiritual Practices

 Friday 11/25/2022

Can't sleep since 4 AM

Thinking about the character played by Graham Norton in Soul, Moonwind. Living in the gap between the physical and the spiritual worlds.

Since before there was “human history,” queer people have been recognized as the healers, shaman, visionaries,... living in both the physical and spiritual worlds. It has only been Western religion that has “cast them out” in a manner of speaking. The secular world doesn't acknowledge the spiritual. So what is the “spiritual world” in secular society? Where do we find meaning? What role do queers fill? Or “Indigo” children, autistic, special needs,.. all of us who exist in multiple worlds?

I want to say “subconscious,” but it may have more to do with subjective experience and objective experience. It could be argued we only exist as a result of consciousness. We only encounter objective reality through math and physics. We believe in solid objects because that's what we perceive, ignoring the dynamic/energetic nature of reality. We “imagine” protons and neutrons are “solid” even though we cannot touch them directly and our experience of “Solid” depends on touching and when we touch, we only experience collections of particles and it depends on electrons repelling each other.

So where does that leave us? Being aware of and able to interact with objective reality gives us amazing control of our environment, but we still have our existence in subjective reality. It is the “most real” world we can experience, which causes us to believe it is “objective.”

There is the paradox. Queer life today tries to exclude us from “objective” truth, so we (perhaps) go deeper into the “subjective,” which helps us poke holes in the reality of those who confuse their “subjective” reality with “objective” reality, lifting all of us higher.

How do queers re-establish our experience in the modern world? Are we “hole pokers.”