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Monday, December 6, 2010

Orgasmic Yoga Session 26 - Healing the world

I did erotic trance dancing for my orgasmic yoga practice today. This is my first practice since last Sunday. I've added 13 sessions to my planned 30 sessions for a total of 43 sessions by the time I'm done. I fully expect to continue these yoga sessions in the future as a regular part of my spiritual practice.

My intention today was listening for my conscious contact with God. I didn't have any trouble getting the erotic energy to flow while doing heart pleasuring/kegels. I wore the ace bandage cock ring again and the bells on my ankles.

I directed my focus North, South, East and West as I danced. I felt the energy in the form of my dancing erection. After I laid down for my big draw, I got my energy going with some erotic self massage. At one point, I was very consciously aware of healing the world literally with this energy flowing out of me. It made me really hot and erotically excited. I would love to do that all the time.

I played with myself for a while after I cooled off. I was able to push out a taste of semen. I did that by stimulating myself without actually touching my penis - but by vibrating my pelvic bone just above my penis.

I liked it.

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