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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Orgasmic Yoga Session 20: Semen without Ejaculation

I skipped my orgasmic yoga session yesterday. I didn't feel that I had the time or the energy to have any satisfaction in it. But today's was probably the best erotic trance dance version of orgasmic yoga yet. I bought wrist bracelets with bells. I used the bracelets as anklets. I used an ace bandage as a cock ring. I started feeling aroused right away. As I continued dancing, I used the nipple clamps and put clothespins on my anus and at the base of my balls. The stimulation fed my arousal.

When I knew time for the big draw was getting closer, I sat down in front of the mirror and did some cock massage. I started spreading that energy around and feeling lots of pleasure. I kept stimulating myself going into my big draw. I felt one gentle spasm as if I might start to ejaculate as I clenched and held. After being still for a few minutes, I sat up and discovered I had pushed out some semen. It wasn't much, but it was delicious and I savored every drop. Is this orgasmic implosion?

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