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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Orgasmic Yoga Session 19: Fucking Myself

Today's orgasmic yoga was erotic self massage. After doing heart pleasuring and pelvic rocking, I laid down with my legs folded up and my cock and balls behind my thighs. It got really intense since I was able to stimulate my penis at the same time as my perineum and anus. I was spreading the energy from my cock to my ass and sometimes rocking as if I was fucking myself. It was very sweet and hot.

At some point, I rolled back on to my back, but continued to stroke from my anus, over my testicles, up my penis and back to my heart. I focused on approaching the ejaculation and backing off when I felt my body tingling. I felt my face turn red and felt the tingling all over. It was a gentle orgasm without the ejaculation.

I tried to carry this into my big draw. My mind was noisy after my big draw. I kept thinking I could enhance the sensation by doing something - kegels, focusing on my perineum, something... I didn't really cool off. After a few minutes I started rubbing myself again, feeling the tingles. I would love to do this all day.

I sat up and stroked my hands up my still hard cock, spreading the energy around my chest. I tell myself “I love you.” I say “Thank you, God.”

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