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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Orgasmic Yoga Sessions 21 and 22: Healing and Spraying

11/24/2010 - Wednesday - Session 21

Today's orgasmic yoga was very tingly. My intention was to be aware that “I Am centered in the creative flow of good.” Today, I used self erotic massage. It didn't take long to become aroused. I started into the pleasure that I like using the juicer and fire strokes. I kept my conscious breathing and surrendered to stronger sensations of pleasure. I relaxed my perineum to go further. I began tingling all over. This is the sensation that I associate with healing energy. I spread that over my chest and belly.

My legs were in the air. I was using rose scented massage oil for the first time today. With my arms and legs in the air, it felt like my body was the petals of a rose and my erect penis was the stamen. I find that delightful.

I spread the energy over my ass and thighs while my legs were in the air. Then I began directing it out through my hands. I found that I could keep stimulating myself without climaxing as long as I could let that flow of energy go out faster than it was coming in. For a while, I directed it out in general, but then I began focusing on my partner. I imagined having sex with him and pumping him full of this sexual/spiritual/healing energy. First I focused on his whole body, then I focused on his head and ears.

I was really tingling and full of energy when the timer went off, so it was easy to carry into my big draw. Once again, I as able to push out some semen without a full ejaculation. This time, I had to pound on my thighs with my fists to avoid a full ejaculation. Again, very fantastic and delicious.

11/25/2010 - Thursday - Session 22

Today I did erotic trance dancing for my orgasmic yoga. I like having erections while I dance, but it's not required. This time, in addition to my ankle bells and nipple clamps, I wore my sarong like a cape around my neck. I worked up an erection and began imagining spraying the walls with healing erotic energy from my erect penis. My temple is nearly complete. I consider it sacred ground and always remove my clothes before entering for ritual.

I had become quite aroused by the time of my big draw. I've been working on controlling the muscles of my pelvic floor - both contracting and bearing down. Bearing down is how I imagine pushing the erotic energy out of my body into the world. It's also a way to postpone ejaculation. Once again, I was able to emit some semen without a full ejaculation. Part of the reason this may be possible is that I haven't ejaculated in a long time.

After resting, I stared massaging my penis again. I spent thirty minutes or so just enjoying the pleasure and appreciating the feel of my penis in my hands. I love being a man.

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Rubio said...

It's so nice of you to share your intimate life with us. Have you found that you can separate orgasm from ejaculation? Through gentle ball stetching, I have found that my orgasm really starts in my balls, in the cremastric muscles that make your balls go up and down. With some practice, I have learned to enjoy orgasm for at least a few seconds or minutes before ejaculation. During this time, some semen will flow but since the ejaculatory reflex has not been triggered yet, it will not spurt. Does you experience this? Thanks for a nice blog.

Rex Harley said...

I am learning how to appreciate the difference between the orgasm and ejaculation. I enjoy the feeling of my balls pulling up as I hover close to ejaculation and orgasm. From time to time, I am able to sense something open between my prostate and penis just before one contraction pushes out some semen. I have been calling that orgasmic implosion since it's not a full ejaculation and doesn't deplete my erotic energy.
Thanks for commenting on my blog, Rubio. :)