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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Orgasmic Yoga Session 18: Healing Energy

Today was my first orgasmic yoga session since Sunday. I hurt myself last Saturday and have been having trouble with pain since then. This was my first time back. I did erotic trance dancing. I wore a cock ring from the start and added clothespins to my nipples. When I was bouncing on the chaise, I felt what I call the erotic energy rising from my crotch. It's that arousal I used to feel more often in my twenties. It's a kind of erotic heat and arousal. I want to foster experiencing that more often. I think it's the erotic energy that can be used for healing.

At any rate, I switched and moved the clothespins to my dick and put on the nipple clamps and put on my blindfold. I then totally focused on the physical sensations in my body. I could focus on movement and the movement generated sensations that fed my arousal. I kept moving the clothespins around my dick, taint, tail bone and anus. When it came time for my big draw, my whole body was bringing me pleasure. I rubbed my forehead with the bottom of my feet and gave them a kiss. I looked at my hairy legs and thighs and drank in the image. I was very happy. I laid one hand on my belly just above my cock and used the other hand to vibrate my heart. I felt pure pleasure coming from those heart vibrations.

After the big draw, I enjoyed doing some kegels to make my cock bounce. I enjoyed the pleasure in my body and slowly relaxed.

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