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Thursday, May 23, 2013


I just came across an evening at the baths that I wrote about in January 1994. I hope you enjoy:

I came and settled into my cubicle. I douche one last time for good measure. Is it out? I see a blow job on a platform. I climb and watch fore a while. I climb down and go over to the movie area. There's a blow job here, too. It ends. I suck the sucker 'till he cums. Someone has been sucking my dick. WE go back to my cubicle and he sticks a dildo up my butt – my new butt plug, my flesh colored dick. He asks all kinds of questions about my sex. Fisting, shaving, spanking. He fucks me for a while. We cuddle. I ask him to spank me. He obliges. He cums in my mouth. I go back to the TV lounge. I get sucked again. I leave and insert my new but plug completely – past the third ripple. I go back out. I sleep. I wake up to a drunk in the next cubicle. I go out. I see some program people. I see a hot one with the military haircut. I fuck someone in their cubicle. I shower. I 69 someone else in his. I don't cum. I visit the TV room. People are masturbating. I suck an interesting shaped dick. Then it fucks me. Someone else sticks his dick in my mouth. I cum. I get to my cubicle for a nap.

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