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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Creative Erotic Energy - Orgasmic Yoga

This is from a journal entry dated Wednesday 7/10/13

I just had a great Orgasmic Yoga session. My intention was to be present and build my creative erotic energy.

I began by meditating and doing some light stretches. Then I went to erotic touch. My balls still feel full. I began by using my paddle to explore my body. I used light tapping and slapping only. I wanted to know what sensations felt good. I didn't do anything intense or deep, just light sensation. The paddle can also be used to glide over my body hair. It glides very smoothly and is very sensual.

Then I began some genital massage. The paddle had already made me erect. I tried to focus on my intention and was guided to begin fucking my heart. This is nothing literal, but I used imagination to sense my heart as a vagina or a rose with slippery folds of pleasure. I imagined what it would feel like to fuck my heart pussy with my hard dripping cock. The energy built from there. I felt spasms from my belly to my heart and had some full contractions. I was vocalizing things like "Fuck! Shit! Fuck! Shit! I'm a fucking man! Do you understand? I am a fucking man!" It became very intense. After my contractions at the end, I stopped massaging my genitals, but I was still having spasms and was vocalizing some mono-tonal sounds, growling and shouting. I laid back and savored as these things subsided.

I feel very grateful that I can experience these deep moments of pleasure and self love. I want to help others find their way of experiencing this.

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