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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Status Update

I haven't had any clients this year, but it hasn't been a high priority. Several weeks ago, Joseph Kramer decided to pay me for an educational video that is now posted on his site. This is a great boost to my esteem as an educational erotic video producer. It is part of his course: Your Junk is Someone's Treasure.

In the past I've mentioned having mission and vision statements. The first line of my vision statement is " grow my prosperity in support of my mission." It has been a priority. While I believe in my skills as a Sacred Intimate and video producer, I couldn't see any way to earn enough money to support myself and my erotic eduction. Previously, I had entertained calls from recruiters. These never really panned out. I didn't resonate with the jobs and apparently I didn't resonate with the prospective employers. I began meeting up with old coworkers and heard about a job. This was the first position I actually pursued. It pays well, offers insurance coverage, has many holidays, and includes three weeks of vacation per year. I was very happy when I was offered the position. I hadn't posted about it until this week because I needed to pass a background check (employment verification) and drug test. Everything finally came into place on Monday. My first day of work is May 27th.

One benefit of this company is that the vacation time is immediately available. Therefore I have put down a deposit for In the Garden of Life for this summer. I wanted to do some more deep healing before asking to attend Advanced Sacred Intimacy Training. I am excited and scared of the fears, tears, and laughter I hope to experience.

I haven't had a full time job in a year. I had no idea I had the resources to go this long without appreciable income. I'm not sure how to handle 8 hour days anymore. The first month, I will focus on taking care of and being gentle with myself.

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