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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Orgasmic relaxation

This mornings Orgasmic Yoga practice lead directly to the insights in today's blog post:

This morning's Orgasmic Yoga was not broadcast on the web cam. My intention was to relax. I have a lot of tension in my right side - my neck and shoulder. My practice has a slower, less rushed pace. I was intentionally relaxing my neck and shoulder as I rubbed my penis.

There were times when I would become excited - and erotically tense. I would then breathe, slow down, and relax into the sensations. I found myself experiencing more pleasure without tripping over ejaculation.

There's a sensation that I can't describe. It comes up as ejaculation begins, like a pleasurable tingling - deep inside. Today, I felt as though I was able to dip down into that sensation and pull out a handful - allowing my whole body to experience it, but without ejaculating. I will try those relaxation sessions more often.

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