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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Flogging Request

I am seeking an encounter with another Sacred Intimate. The following is my request.

My intention is to thoroughly experience sub-space and have my endorphins stimulated. This is my request. It can be adapted to meet your needs as we negotiate. This is an opportunity for you to experience Dom-space as I intend to give my body, mind and heart to you for no more than several hours.

I would like to begin by removing my clothes. I would like you to remain clothed for a while as a symbol of power over me. This will help me establish your power in my mind. As they do in PSI, I would like to be on my knees with my hands behind my back as I rest my head in your crotch. I would like several minutes like this to give myself time to surrender to you and to experience myself submitting thoroughly to your control.

Once that is established. I can either keep my eyes downward or meet your gaze as you see fit. Then I would like to be blindfolded. I would like you to explore my body at this point in any way that you choose. Gentle touch will get my endorphins flowing before the flogging. Then I would like to be positioned to be flogged.

I want you to be comfortable, so be as clothed or not as you like. Don't overheat. Take care of your knees, etc.

I generally like thuddier floggers, but we can explore any kind except single tail. Front or back is fine, chest, back, thighs and butt cheeks are OK. You will need to guide my head back if you work on my chest to avoid hitting my chin.

I would like permission to tell you harder or softer during the first half so that you can become familiar with my limits. Then it would be nice if you could help me stretch those limits. Reassure me and encourage me if I seem uncomfortable. As long as I feel the love in your swings, it will be good. Remind me to surrender and go into the sensation - the pain. Remind me to breathe.

There is a health situation at home. Someone near to my partner is having a difficult time and the future is unknown. I would like to use this experience to explore surrender so that I can carry it into my healing work. I am open to experiencing emotional release as I fall into acceptance of what is through your strokes. I encourage you to use my request as a suggestion only, as the greatest gift you could give to me would be to feel your power thoroughly. Unleash yourself. I can take whatever you see fit to give.

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