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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Love From Within

I would love it if you each did something for me. Once a week (or more), pleasure yourself in front of a mirror consciously with breath. Do more than jerk off - touch your sides, thighs and chest. Look into your eyes in the mirror. Do this for five minutes or half an hour. Cum if you want or don't cum and hold onto your energy. This will make me very happy.

Doing this is like putting money into an erotic bank account. The more time you generate heat and pleasure, the larger your bank account balance. The less often you make withdrawals by ejaculating, the larger your balance. It can be a little uncomfortable allowing this energy to grow, but the more you do, the more erotically powerful and loving you will be.

At some point, you'll recognize (if you haven't already) that you are doing this because you literally love yourself - and you will laugh. Sometimes when you look into your eyes in the mirror, you will see me looking back at you with love.

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