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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Chastity Play - One week

I've been wearing a chastity device for the past week. If you're interested, here's a link: I'm writing this fantasy to my partner.

I imagine you telling me it's time to take off the device. You tell me to strip. I take off my clothes and stand before you with my rock hard cock. You take the key that you've held for the last week, put it into the lock and turn the key. You pull the prong that has been poking through my PA piercing hole for the past week. With some effort, you pull the cage off my dick. You tell me to go rinse my cock off.
You pull out a condom and unroll it just a bit and pour some lube into the tip. When I return, you unroll the condom over my throbbing cock. As I stand before you, you begin jerking me off in the rubber. You take your time and tease me for a good long time. It's easy to get me close to the edge since I haven't come for a long time. Sometimes you put my rubber encased cock in your mouth and roll your tongue over the head and drag your teeth gently along the shaft.
You tell me to spit in your hand. You spread my spit over my butt hole. You tell me to suck your finger and get it good and wet. You insert your finger up into my rectum so that you can feel my sphincter's contractions. My body is exploding with pleasure as I unload my cum into the rubber and you continue rubbing my hard cock. When you feel my sphincter contractions stop, you pull your finger out and carefully milk the last of the cum from my cock into the rubber.
You tell me to lay on my back. You take the rubber and carefully pour the hot jizz into my mouth. I may not want to, but I don't want you to give me a choice. Tell me to be a good boy and drink my cum. Then I take my own load into my mouth and feel it coat my tongue as I swallow it all. You put the condom to my lips so I can suck it inside out and get every drop.
I hope you've been enjoying this process and by this time have a raging hard on. You lay down on the bed and tell me to suck your dick. I eagerly get in position near you in a 69 position so I can deep throat your dick when you cum. I set off at sucking your dick. I take time to smell the masculine musk of your crotch. This always makes me hard. I suck your cock and lick your balls and taste your sexy flavor. I can't get enough of the way you taste on my tongue and the heat of your scent. God, this is hot.
I'm hard again and you decide to suck my dick and jerk me off again. I get close to cumming again and you back off. I begin to work in earnest on your cock and suck it deeper and deeper into my throat. You begin bucking your hips, groaning, and holding my head in your crotch with your hands.
You groan more and more loudly as you thrust your cock down my throat and dump your load. You are in ecstasy as you hold your cock inside me and spurt over and over again until you slowly recover and pull out of my mouth. I grab my dick and - with a few more strokes and the taste of your cock, balls and cum on my tongue - I cum again, shooting jizz all over my belly.

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Rex Harley said...

This is an adult blog. The material here represents an adult fantasy. It has been reported as being "sensitive," bug my blog is already treated as an adult blog. I'm unclear why adult material has an extra hoop to pass through since a user is already clicking to indicate they want to view the material and there are now age restrictions requiring age verification. So, yes, I am an adult. Yes, I want to view the material. Yes, I really do want to view the material.

So peculiar