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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Blowing Myself

The jockstrap that I had worn to the gym for the past week smelled like me - like lifting weights in the gym. It was still moist from my last workout. I took another long deep inhale of my aroma. It was so real and it was purely my scent. I didn't mind that I enjoyed the way I smelled. I turned my head and took a waft from my armpit. Again it was my scent and I liked it.

I gathered the pouch of my jock and put it in my mouth. I had also been shooting my load into it. The idea of my tongue rubbing across the dried load made my cock twitch. I took the jock out of my mouth again and absorbed the scent. I could taste my cum on my tongue as I inhaled through my nose.

I am a connoisseur of men's scents. I don't like stink, I like aroma. The aroma that tells me I'm dealing with a real man and not an image. I use my own scent when I masturbate, and I like it. I wish there was some way to get my nose buried in my own crotch - the space between my balls and thighs, between my balls and asshole. Oh, to get my tongue up my own ass. What a treat that would be.

What do my balls taste like? How fantastic it would feel to suck my own balls. I would know immediately how it felt, so I could apply more or less pressure. It would feel so good, and taste so good, and it would smell like my balls smell after working out at the gym. To lick my taint, to run my tongue gently over my rosebud before pushing the tip - oh, so gently - just past my rosebud but outside the sphincter. That delicious spot just within my asshole. I could respond to the sensations instantly. This would be the most fantastic rim job I had ever given or received. And there are my balls filling my nostrils with the poppers of my own ball sweat.

Since I'm in fantasy mode, it's easy to imagine my tongue just a bit further in my ass than it can actually reach. And I'm cleaner than I can be in real life. I can push my tongue deep into my rectum. I can find my prostate with my tongue and rub it so gently - feeling its hardness. My tongue can push further up into my bowels, pushing it's way gently in deeper than a fist could go and with more control than a dildo. I can find the secret passages that elude the men who fist me.

I can do this for hours - exploring my inner anatomy, tasting myself and filling myself with my tongue. My cock is so hard from this inner exploration. So I can pull out and take my cock into my mouth. It's been leaking. I drink my precum. I imagine I taste fantastic with my gym sweat and precum. And I know what I like in my blow jobs. I take my cock deep down my throat. I lock my lips onto the base of my cock and begin swallowing, and I can feel the muscles of my throat around the head of my cock swallowing. I get all the harder. I pull back and breathe before pushing back down on my cock again. I rock gently with my cock buried to the base of my throat. But then I find myself cumming - too soon. It's too late. I push my cock down my throat and shoot my load into my own stomach. I feel so full. My cum, boiling from my nuts right up and through my cock, blasting down my throat and into my stomach. This is just too hot and my cock keeps pouring semen down my throat. I taste my cum on my tongue as I pull out.

God, that would be so hot!

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