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Sunday, May 18, 2008

My First Time

Throughout my childhood, I learned to be embarrassed about my body. I was skinny and felt constantly picked on. And you could forget about using the shower after gym class. What if I popped a boner? I already had people who picked on me for being gay.based solely on the size of my body.

Growing up in Virginia, my family took small vacations to Virginia Beach. At this time, the pier had a public shower. I decided to use it to try and overcome my fear of showering in public. Hopefully no one would come in. It wasn't very busy, so my chances were good.

I was able to get away from my family for a while and went down to the bathhouse. I went inside and looked around. No one was there. I went over and looked into the shower. I was scared, but was determined to practice showering in public without getting an erection

I stripped down and headed over to the shower and began lathering up. I was a little hard, but was doing pretty good. I was convinced no one would notice if I was seen. I was doing pretty good.

Then someone else came in. His hair was blond from being in the sun so much. His body was tan, firm and full and he was a few years older than me. I panicked, but tried to hide it as best I could. I may have got a little harder, but still thought I was hiding it pretty good. So I stayed and prayed to be flaccid.

Then he said something about my semi-hard cock. I tried to shrug it off. Then he said "There's only one thing to do about that." I still shrugged it off and tried to think about anything else to keep from being hard.

Then he asked me to soap up his back.

I was young. I didn't know that what he was asking was anything more than an innocent request. I was still struggling valiantly to stay soft, and decided to help him out. I was rubbing his back with soap when he reached back with his soapy hand and grabbed my cock - which was immediately rock hard as he stroked it.

I was dumbfounded and kept rubbing the bar of soap on his back. Then he stood up straight and really lathered up my crotch and told me to rinse off. I complied and was very excited to be having my first real sexual experience with another adult man.

After I rinsed off, he went down on my dick and sucked on it good. I couldn't believe a man was sucking my hard cock and loving it. I felt so appreciated and beautiful in this man's eyes. I shot my juice down his throat and he swallowed greedily. We weren't done.

He swung me around and told me to look through a hole in the shower to keep a lookout. He soaped up his cock and my ass. I was still standing up when he guided me to bend over. This was my first time and being bent over was a new role for me. I didn't know that I needed to bend over to give him access to my ass. He came close in behind me and put the head of his cock against my virgin ass hole. He made some short quick repeated thrusts and was buried painlessly in my ass.

He started fucking me in the ass. I was ecstatic to have another man inside my body. I was enjoying the feeling of my ass wrapped around his hard cock. He fucked and he came inside me. I felt so special and gifted. I couldn't believe how wonderful this was. I kept his cum inside me for as long as I could, and was again amazed when I finally "let it go." This man had sucked the cum out of my balls and then planted his cum in my bowels and he loved doing it and I loved having him do it.

I went back to the showers on the pier the next day and we did the same thing. This time, I got to taste his cock in my mouth. He wouldn't cum in my mouth and insisted on shooting it up my ass, but I loved the taste of his soapy clean cock just the same.

I got his address and wrote him a graphic letter when I got home. I "lost" his address after he wrote back warning me not to be so graphic in case my parents were to find it. I felt embarrassed and ashamed, but I wish I had kept his address for future visits. The showers on the Virginia Beach pier are gone now. That is such a shame.

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